Super Sergio Fighters Ultimax is a project based on the Super Smash Bros series that features not only characters from Sergy92, but from other people as well.

Full list of charactersEdit

Number Name Series/Universe
1 Sergio Sergioverse
1e Sarah Sergioverse
2 Jorge Sergioverse
3 Marta Sergioverse
3e Waruta Sergioverse
4 Dani Sergioverse
5 Laura Sergioverse
6 Alvaro Sergioverse
7 Carlos Sergioverse
8 Shawn Sergioverse
9 Luisianna Sergioverse
10 Ian Sergioverse
10e Zion Phoenixverse
11 Silvia Sergioverse
12 Alba Sergioverse
13 Ace-13 Sergioverse
14 Maika Sergioverse
15 Alfonso Sergioverse
16 Alfonso Jr. Sergioverse
17 S-01 "Thunder" Sergioverse
18 Atlas Sergioverse
19 Beta Sergio Sergioverse
20 Scout-gal Team Fortress 2
21 Marbleman Quirkytopia
22 Sapphira Hyrule Warriors
23 Voltcupine Pokemon Land and Sea
24 Blockiant Pokemon Land and Sea
25 Theo/Sena Pokemon Land and Sea
26 Bady & Lil' Chirps Sergioverse
27 Mrs. Lifeguard Sergioverse
28 Mike Phoenix Prism Enforcers
28e Michelle Phoenix Prism Enforcers
29 Numa Deviant Hearts
30 Guretotako Whoop Troop
31 Sphere Sister Sphere Sister

33 Lollie Demon Slayers
34 Lionel Team Quest
35 Artorius The Haven
36 Lasti Sisters G.R.O.O.P.
37 Athena Tornado Phoenixverse
38 Goku Phoenix Phoenixverse
39 Vic Vic and Crow
40 Fer Sergioverse
41 Pixia Hyperdimensin Neptunia
42 Skitz Dimensionoids

Adventure Mode: Undying Superstars Edit

When a catastrophic event unveils in the world and everyone has been abducted by an unknown entity that commands an army of MasterHand.EXE clones, Maika alone will have to make her way through a massive world map in order to bring back everyone but also use Spirits of characters from different universes to power themselves up.