Silvia is a resident of the Sergioverse and member of the Newsboy Legion.

Background Edit

Not much about Silvia is known. She enlisted into the Comet City Police Department at some point in her life to partake in infiltration operations.

Soon after, Shawn would enlist as well and the two became friends and working partners.

She eventually became a member of the Newsboy Legion by Shawn's influence.

Appearence Edit

Silvia is a young-adult white woman at the same age of Shawn. She has waist-length black hair and blue eyes, though she uses contact lenses that turn them neon green. Her everyday outfit consists of:

  • A black and purple sleeveless bodysuit made by the CCPD
  • Black elbow-length fingerless gloves
  • Brown boots

Powers and abilities Edit

Silvia took judo lessons before trying to enlist into the CCPD and as a way of self-defense.

Alogn with that, she uses some of the gadgets that the CCPD created for her like a pair of wrist guards that can fire tranquilizer needles.

Personality Edit

Silvia is a determined and slightly flirtatious woman. Sometimes, she likes to tease her partner Shawn, to the point some people think they're in a relationship.

Relationships Edit

  • Shawn Applepicker, Ace-13: Fellow CCPD agents
  • Sergio Applepicker, Jorge Giordano, Marta Goodday, Dani, Laura Canciella, Alvaro, Carlos, Luisianna, Ian Whitewings, Alba Crystalia and Maika Sasaki: Fellow Newsboy Legion members
  • Alfonso: Nemesis

Other counterparts Edit

Silvia (Pokemon) Edit

Silvia appears as a Pokemon Trainer in the videogame series Pokemon. Her team is composed by:

  • Delphox
  • Tsareena
  • Alolan Ninetales
  • Milotic
  • Absol
  • Mismagius

Silvia (Fire Emblem) Edit

Silvia appears in the videogame series Fire Emblem. When she's first seen, she is the leader of a band of pirates that attack any ship they see nearby. Soon after, she reveals that Kilfer ransacked her village and she was one of the survivors and decided to take revenge by becoming a pirate. After that, she joins the group as an Archer and later on can promote into Sniper.

In Fire Emblem Heroes, she appears as an infantry colorless bow unit and holds the title of Pirate Queen. She's equipped with a Brave Bow