Sergio Team Riders is a Sergioverse project based on Sonic Riders and the upcoming Team Sonic Racers.


Every four years, the whole Mushroom Land celebrates the Team Airboard Extreme Grand Prix. This edition is pleased to have the entire Newsboy Legion participating in the event. The story is divided into several chapters, one taking place at each Cup.

In the Team Airboard Extreme Grand Prix, people in teams of 3 compete in a race using airboards and other kinds of hovering rides. Each member is into one of three possible categories: Speed, Flight and Power. The objective is not only reaching the first place, but also cooperating with your teammates: You can pull them back into the road with an energy tether if they fall off and even pass power-ups which work as items.


Name Gear Type
Sergio Applepicker Blue Warp Star - Board Speed
Jorge Giordano 1 Dasher - Bike Power
Dani Item D - Air Ride Flight
Marta Goodday Haley - Skates Speed
Laura Canciella Power
Ian Whitewings Caelum - Board Flight
Alvaro Acevedo Speed
Carlos Moreno Rextroyer - Bike Power
Luisianna Lucetti Green Sailor - Yatch Flight
Shawn Applepicker Speed
Silvia Nardina Silent Rider - Skates Flight
Ace-13 Ride Mode - Wheel Power
Maika Sasaki Power
Alba Crystalia Diamond Lance - Air Ride Flight
Ferdinand Davies Cyber-Speed - Skates Speed

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