Sergio Mania is an original project that was made to celebrate the author's 25th birthday. This project is based on the videogame Sonic Mania, which was made to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Sonic the Hedgehog series.

Plot Edit

Sergio and Jorge were invited to the Comet City museum by Marta due to a new exhibit had opened up. The exhibit held a fabled gem known as the Onyx of Atlas. However, Alfonso breaks into he museum and steals the Onyx, as well as kidnapping Marta. Sergio quickly gives chase to stop Alfonso's plans once again.

What uses does the Onyx of Atlas have? And in what way do they benefit Alfonso?

Gameplay Edit

Sergio Mania plays like the classic Sonic the Hedgehog games. The objective is to get from point A to point B in high speed levels and collecting Rings which will protect you if you have at least one. The levels are split in two Acts, each of them with a boss to defeat. Around the levels, there are hidden Special Stages where you can try to obtain one of the seven Kingdom Crystals. Every character can attack enemies by jumping on them and perform a Spin Dash, but they also have exclusive abilities, like Sergio's Drop Dash, which allows him to perform a Spin Dash in midair.

Characters Edit

Playable Edit

  • Sergio/Super Sergio. Abilities: Homing Attack, Drop Dash, Mega Buster
  • Jorge (Unlocked after beating Chaotic City Zone, Act 1)/White Racoon Jorge. Abilities: Wrench Swing, Ground Pound, Wall Jump
  • Marta (Unlocked after beating Ocean Stronghold Zone, Act 2)/Galaxy Goddess Marta. Abilities: Star Spin, Luma Shot, Bounce

Other Edit

  • Alfonso
  • S-01 "Thunder"
  • J-01 "Fire"
  • Waruta
  • Carlos (Cameo in Spooky Manor, Act 2)
  • Alvaro (Cameo in Spooky Manor, Act 2)

Zones Edit

Chaotic City Zone Edit

Comet City is in total chaos due to Alfonso's attack. Go through its streets as you free it from the Koopabot horde.

Ocean Stronghold Zone Edit

An underwater fortress built by Alfonso. A great part of this place is flooded, so you better hold your breath.

Massive Jungle Zone Edit

A jungle area with gigantic trees in danger of deforestation by Alfonso's robots.

Koopatronic Funland Zone Edit

A massive amusement park built by Alfonso. Watch out for his demented animatronics that are patrolling the area.

Spooky Manor Zone Edit

An abandoned mansion rumored to be inhabited by malicious spirits.

[WIP] Edit

Unknown zone. Leaked screenshots indicate this is where you'll fight Thunder.

Doom Assault Zone Edit

The last zone before the final boss. Make your way through Alfonso's ships to reach the mad scientist and end his plans maybe not once and for all but at least for this time.

Atlas Rift Zone Edit

This extra zone can only be accessed by Sergio if he has all the Kingdom Crystals. Alfonso is putting the powers of the Onyx of Atlas to full use! Only Super Sergio can defeat him now!