Newsboy Legion is, along with Sergio Mania, one of the two projects made in celebration of the author's 25th birthday.

Plot Edit

The story takes place shortly after Sergio Mania. The final fight between Sergio and Alfonso there caused the Onyx of Atlas to shatter, freeing the villanous god Atlas once again. Alfonso discovers him and, seeing that they have a common enemy, Atlas lends his power to the mad scientist.

Weeks later, Alfonso is attacking Comet City again, but when Sergio shows up, he is ambushed by Atlas and left crippled. With Sergio's defeat, Alfonso and Atlas have conquered 99% of the world and the rest of the Newsboy Legion is slowly fighting back. However, they can't do much without Sergio... In the meantime, the Newsboy Legion is traveling on a ship created by Dani named the Newsboy Cruiser and looking for pieces of the Onyx of Atlas, which are scattered across the globe.

Eventually, Sergio's wounds recover, so he can actively participate in their journey, and somehow, Sergio's early design, named Beta Sergio, appears once again due to Atlas' influence.

During their travels collecting the pieces of the Onyx of Atlas, the Newsboy Legion is ambushed by Alfonso's Mayor Koopawns and occasionally by Atlas himself

Once all the pieces were collected, the Newsboy Legion launches an all-out attack to Alfonso's fortress, where the scientist is defeated. However, Atlas is still alive, and plans to use his powers to reverse time and erase the heroes' deeds. The two Sergios use the power of the Kingdom Crystals, which they had been collecting as well, to become Super and fight Atlas one more time.

The combined efforts of both Super Sergio and Super Beta Sergio defeat Atlas and Sergio uses the Onyx, now fully restored, to trap the god inside once and for all. With that, Alfonso and Atlas' forces are ultimately defeated and Beta Sergio leaves back to his world.

Episode Thirteen Edit

Episode Thirteen is a side-story focusing on Shawn and Silvia, as well as the origin of a future member of the Newsboy Legion

Characters Edit

The Newsboy Legion Edit

  • Sergio and Beta Sergio
  • Jorge
  • Marta
  • Dani
  • Laura
  • Alvaro
  • Carlos
  • Shawn
  • Luisianna
  • Ian
  • Silvia
  • Alba

Other Edit

  • Alfonso
  • Alfonso's Robot Masters
  • Atlas