Laura is one of the main characters of the Sergioverse and a member of the Newsboy Legion.

Background Edit

Laura is the youngest of the Canciella family, who since many years ago has been dedicated to all sorts of fine arts such as literature, art, music, etc.

Since she was very young, Laura has been known for being a famous idol in the town of Polaria (Located at the north of the Mushroom Land). Her music somehow had magical effects, making her able to mesmerize anyone with her melodious singing voice.

During her gigs, she has been in numerous occasions in Comet City, which lead to meet Marta and the two became very good friends, increasing the good chemistry between both locations.

As of today, Laura has dropped her singing career due to how it drained her both physically and emotionally and now composes her own music, ranging from pop, techno, electro swing and even "high quality video game rips". Though the latter is mostly when she's utterly bored, which happens sometimes due to how much her career has drained her.

She has had to deal with Alfonso as well, getting herself captured like Marta one time. However, it was Jorge who saved her then. Jorge has admitted his love to Laura but she didn't do it yet, which causes her to get greatly embarrased when Jorge acts lovey-dovey with her.

After that, she became a member of the Newsboy Legion.

Appearence Edit

Laura reference

Reference sheet of Laura

Laura is a female around her 20s with a slightly tanned skin. Her eyes are purple and her hair is long and blond. Her everyday outfit consists of:

  • A pink sweater
  • Black tracksuit pants with dark teal vertical lines
  • Pink sneakers
  • Her pink headphones

She also has other outfits depending on the occasion.

Powers and abilities Edit

Laura's main talent is her music. Her voice has strange properties and people can get mesmerized by hearing it.

As a method of self-defense, she was given a plasma whip that emits electric guitar sounds when it hits.

Personality Edit

Laura loved being an idol year ago, but now, she has been kind of drained emotionally, to the point she looks completely deadpan and stoic when compared to her friend Marta.

She's in a bit of a relationship with Jorge, but she didn't admit it yet. This causes her to act a bit tsundere towards him.

Relationships Edit

  • Andrea and Marisa Canciella - Parents
  • Cristina and Alberto Canciella - Older sister and brother
  • Marta Goodday, Luisianna - Best friends
  • Jorge Giordano - Boyfriend(?)
  • Sergio Applepicker, Dani, Alvaro, Carlos, Shawn, Ian, Silvia, Alba - Fellow members of the Newsboy Legion
  • Alfonso Klock - Nemesis

Other counterparts Edit

Riharu Mioda (Persona) Edit

Riharu Mioda is Laura's counterpart in the universe based on the Persona video game series. In Persona S, she is a fellow second-year student of the protagonist. Riharu inherits Laura's stoic behavior and often isolates herself with her headphones and stays quiet, making her look like she's not paying attention to conversations, but, on the contrary, she's a good listener. After being saved from the Zodiac Shadow of Virgo, she becomes a member of the Basement Dwellers with her own Persona, Angewomon, and has a Social Link representing the Justice Arcana.

Laura (Pokemon) Edit

Laura appears in Nintendo's video game series Pokemon as a Pokemon Trainer. Her team is composed of:

  • Greninja
  • Alolan Raichu
  • Lopunny
  • Roserade
  • Cherubi
  • Wigglytuff

Laura (Splatoon) Edit

In the Nintendo game Splatoon, Laura appears as her own Inkling self. She is part of Marta's team, as she's a bit more veteran in this game and joined it by Marta's request

Her weapon of choice is the Custom Dual Squelcher and her gear is the Noise Cancellers, Black Squideye and Crazy Arrows. Her tentacles are bubblegum pink and tied into a ponytail like most male Inklings, but change into sky blue during Turf Wars, as it's her team's color.

Laura (Fire Emblem) Edit

Laura appears in Nintendo's Fire Emblem series. She lives in Condalia as one of Marta's retainers, the other being Ina, and escapes the castle with the princess when it's attacked by soldiers of the Kilfer empire. Afterwards, they meet Sergio and Jorge and ask them for help. She starts off as a Cleric, making her able to use healing magic on other members of the team and, later on, she can upgrade into Saint, where she'll learn more useful healing skills and also learn the Seraphim spell.

In Fire Emblem Heroes, she holds the title of "Bored Priestess" and is a neutral on-foot staff user.