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Plot Edit

Long ago, there were two kingdoms that lived in piece, Condalia and Kilfer. However, one day, a coup d'etat emerged in Kilfer and the king was murdered, resulting the leader of the coup, a man named Alfonso, become a ruler that governed the kingdom with iron fist. Right after that, he declared that his next step would be invading Condalia. And so, the story begins...

Act 1: The Invasion Edit

The chapter begins with the castle of Condalia being under attack by troops of Kilfer. The princess Marta is ordered to flee the castle, not before leaving her tiara at the castle, with her retainers Laura and Ian. However, the Kilferian troops are leaded by a high ranked soldier that manages to injure Ian. The three have to land in a forest near a town and are soon ambushed by more Kilferian soldiers. In the town, two young mercenaries named Sergio and Jorge heard the commotion and come out to help. After taking them down, Marta pretends to be another mercenary that heard of the attack at the Condalian castle and wanted to help with her group. Sergio and Jorge decide to join their cause and the group heads to the castle.

Despite being a small group, Sergio and his team manage to defeat the soldiers that were holding the castle and rescue the king. With the castle safe, Marta reveals her identity as the princess of Condalia and makes Sergio her appointed knight and Jorge his squire. With this recent promotion, Marta tells them the legend of a blade wielded by an ancient hero named Caliburn. Marta believes that this sword's power would help them tip the scale in their favor and stop the Kilferian invasion.

Act 2: To the Island Edit

Continuing from where the last act ended, the group is told that the blade Caliburn rests in a secluded island at the west. After making the necessary preparations, Sergio and Marta and their friends head to the harbor so they can find the Caliburn. On the way there, they keep fighting enemy squadrons that are attacking nearby villages, but they also encounter undead monsters that the people titled as Necrons. The group also recruits a witch named Maika that lost her sight time ago in a magic accident and is roaming the continent seeking for a cure.

When the group arrives at the harbor, Ian has a realization that Kilfer also knows about the legend of Caliburn due to the friendship the two kingdoms had. Therefore, there was the possibility of Kilferian ships around. Sergio has the idea to remove any sign that could reveal their ship as being from Condalia, in a hope that they manage to sneak past the ships. However, after setting sail, they are attacked by a group of pirates leaded by a woman named Silvia.

The pirates are defeated but Silvia survives, but not without demanding to be put out of her misery. She confesses that she decided to form the group of pirates because the Kilferian soldiers ransacked her village and she just wanted to have revenge and attack any ship, whether it was from Kilfer or not. Sergio and Marta spare and convince Silvia to join their group seeing that they have a common enemy and they soon arrive at the island.

Act 3: Caliburn Edit

Meanwhile, at Kilfer's castle, one of Alfonso's generals, Shawn, returns to inform that the invasion of Condalia has failed. Not only that, but Kilferian villagers are being attacked by Necrons as well. Shawn suspects that Alfonso's tactician, Nacht, is somehow involved in the Necron outbreak.

Sergio's group arrives at the island, which only has a small town inhabited by Manaketes. Marta explains that the sword is hidden somewhere in the forest, but it's so big that it's easy to get lost. Their only option is to seek for someone named a Manakete known as the Sword's Emissary, which is a manakete that can hear the sword's voice and could guide the through the forest. When they arrive at the town, they discover that the manakete village was attacked. While the manaketes managed to fend off the Kilferian soldiers, they somehow managed to steal the Dragonstone of one named Dani, who is actually the Sword's Emissary. Dani explains that the Kilferian soldiers came to the village demanding him to guide them to Caliburn and, as he refused, stole his Dragonstone and will only give it back if Dani accepts. Sergio and his group decide to go to the camp that Kilfer set and retrieve the Dragonstone. However, they are informed that another group is heading there as well.

During the attack, three travellers appear in the middle of the commotion: A Thief named Alvaro, a Berserker named Carlos and a Dancer named Luisianna. Sergio manages to reach to them and recruit them to aid his army's cause. With the help of their new allies, Sergio's group manage to take over the camp and retrieve the Dragonstone

The group returns at the manakete village with Dani's Dragonstone and the young manakete joins as a way to express thanks. After that, Dani guides them through the forest to reach the resting spot of Caliburn. Dani, speaking in the name of the sword, informs that Sergio is the only one that can take it out of its resting place, but as soon as it's removed, another of Alfonso's generals shows up with a group of soldiers and demands that they must give him the sword or they will die. Sergio refuses to hand in the sword, however. To this, the general orders his archers to fire at Sergio's group, but suddenly, Caliburn creates a barrier that deflects the arrows. Since the attack failed, Alfonso's general decides to attack himself with his soldiers, but Sergio's group emerges victorious

Afterwards, Dani informs the group that Caliburn is not enough to stop Alfonso's plans, but they will need other weapons of legend: The second sword Alondite, the axe Sanglamore, the lance Fervenza and the Comet tome. With this in mind, Sergio's group heads back to Condalia and begin to look for the rest of the legendary weapons

Act 4: The Kingdoms of the Sun and the Moon Edit

After returning to Condalia, the group tells the events to the king Prospero. Upon hearing this, he suggests the group to head to a neighboring kingdom in the northeast named Taiyo. This kingdom recretes the style of another kingdom from another time and place, which is Hoshido.

When they arrive, they discover that Taiyo is being attacked by soldiers from the Moon Kingdom Maneskinn, which appears to be the successor of a kingdom named Nohr. Marta decides to act as a mediator between both kingdoms, but the rulers of both places are so blinded by the desire of war that ignore Marta completely. The only solution is to stop the advances of both kingdoms. This catches the attention of a Maneskinnian tactician named Fer, who offers his prowess to Sergio's army. During the commotion, they also encounter a Bow Knight that names itself as Thirteen, who joins the army after being convinced by Fer.

Thanks to the efforts of Sergio's army, the war between Taiyo and Maneskinn ends in a stalemate. However, the queen of Taiyo and the king of Maneskinn are still engaged in a vicious duel. Luckily, the group discovers that Nacht is using her powers to put the two monarchs under her control, so they knock Nacht down before any of the two rulers die.

Once they are free from their spell, the queen of Taiyo and the king of Maneskinn make peace and, as a way to thank them from stopping the war, they offer the Comet tome and the lance Fervenza to Sergio's army. Howeer, they also discover that Alondite and Sanglamore are in Kilfer's possession, which inevitably means that their next stop is the enemy itself.

Act 5: Attack on Kilfer Edit

Sergio and his group march towards Kilfer's castle, as well as free any village that is under attack by Necrons, something that suprises the group a bit. In one of the villages, they meet a female Monk named Alba, who was one of the survivors of the coup that made Alfonso rise to power, and she joins the team. Alba confirms them that indeed, Sanglamore was under the possession of the previous king before he was murdered by Alfonso, but Alondite was given to a noble family of the same kingdom but it disappeared time ago. Meanwhile, Nacht is plotting a trap to get rid of Sergio's group.

When they get near the castle grounds, the group encounters a small bunch of soldiers leaded by Shawn, Alfonso's best commander and his right hand. The group sees that Shawn is holding the Alondite, which makes Marta suggest that they should capture him and convince him to join the group rather than killing him. While they manage to win and capture Shawn, Nacht's trap is set into motion and an earthquake separates Sergio from his partners.

Endgame: The Emperor of Death Edit

Sergio finds himself alone in a cave after the earthquake, but soon he finds Shawn, who fell into the hole as well. Shawn decides to tell the truth to Sergio: The real mastermind of the coup was Nacht taking advantage of Alfonso's position in the military. She is also responsible of the rise of the Necrons and is planning to revive their leader, a powerful dragon that was defeated by the legendary weapons long ago. The two decide to head to Kilfer's Castle and stop Alfonso and Nacht before it's too late.

Meanwhile, Marta and the others are being held captive in Kilfer's Castle, but they manage to break free with the princess' magic. Sergio and Marta soon have a heartwarming reunion and everyone else is told of their next step. However, by the time they arrive, Nacht already has Alfonso at her will, and now the tyrant is just a senseless pawn hell-bent on killing Sergio and his group. Sergio eventually kills Alfonso, as it's the only way his soul can know peace. Alfonso, in his dying words, apologizes to Shawn for not realizing what was happening earlier, and offers the army the axe Sanglamore, which Alfonso was using during the battle. Meanwhile, Nacht is done summoning the Emperor of Death.

The Emperor of Death calls for more Necrons to bring chaos to the continent, but after a long fight, Sergio and his group manage to defeat both the Emperor and Nacht, freeing the kingdoms from their yoke.

Ending Edit

Depending on what happens, some characters have different outcomes:

  • Sergio
    • "After the war, Sergio stood by Marta's side. Over the course of time, the two eventually got married and ruled Condalia as king and queen." (Everyone lives)
    • "After the war, Sergio stood by Marta's side. Over the course of time, the two eventually got married and ruled Condalia as king and queen. Their first order was to erect a monument in honor of the allies they had bravely fought alongside them, but fell." (Any unit dies)
  • Marta
    • "Marta returned to Condalia after the war and her group was praised as heroes. Years later, Marta would become queen of the kingdom and would rule with a heart of gold alongside her husband Sergio." (Everyone lives)
    • "Marta returned to Condalia after the war and her group as heroes. Years later, Marta would become queen of the kingdom and would rule with a heart of gold alongside her husband Sergio. She ordered to erect a monument in memory of her fallen allies." (Any unit dies)
  • Jorge
    • "When Sergio and Marta got married, Jorge became part of the personal guard of the Royal Family. Despite Laura's harsh attitute towards him in the past, he eventually managed to make her blurt out a love confession and the two got married afterwards." (Laura survives)
    • "Despite the loss of the woman he loved, Jorge was happy and continued on his life as Sergio's personal guard." (Laura dies)
  • Laura
    • "Laura continued her work as Marta's retainer, but she eventually became part of the Royal Family's personal guard. Due to Jorge's insistance, she eventually gave in and confessed her love to him, and they got married afterwards." (Jorge survives)
    • "Laura became part of the Royal Family's personal guard, but she never fell in love with any man. She often regrets not being able to confess her love to the only man that she loved when she still had the chance." (Jorge dies)
  • Ian
    • "Ian continued his work as Marta's retainer. He would later on become captain of the Royal Family's personal guard, a group of elite soldiers tasked to protect Sergio and Marta"
  • Silvia
    • "Silvia returned to her ruined village and rebuilt it on her own. Despite her hatred towards Kilfer, she gladly accepted Shawn's marriage proposal."
  • Dani
    • "Dani would become Sergio and Marta's advisor after the war and their ascension to the throne. However, as he aged slower than the rest of his friends he watched them pass away, one by one. When only he remained, Dani returned to his village and put himself into an eternal slumber not before naming a younger manakete the next Sword's Emissary."
  • Alvaro
    • "Alvaro and his friends left to continue their travels after the war, but would return from time to time to check on their friends, or to help them deal with brigands." (Carlos and Luisianna survive)
    • "The loss of his friends changed Alvaro completely. He became a criminal and started to rob villagers. Rumors say that he was eventually caught and put into justice." (Carlos, Luisianna or both die)
  • Carlos
    • "Carlos continued travelling the world with Alvaro and Luisianna, but would often return to help the recently crowned king and queen to help in any way" (Alvaro and Luisianna survive)
    • "Losing his friends saddened Carlos, but he tried to move on and continue his life, hoping that they would see him and feel proud for him." (Alvaro, Luisianna or both die)
  • Luisianna
    • "Luisianna continued travelling the world with Alvaro and Carlos. The three would find themselves into many risky situations due to Alvaro and Carlos' impulsiveness, but they always managed to pull through" (Alvaro and Carlos survive)
    • "People say the day that her friends died was the day Luisianna's characteristic optimism faded. Losing her friends deeply devastated her and she simply disappeared without a trace." (Alvaro, Carlos or both die)
  • Alba
    • "Alba continued her studies in magic after the war and eventually became Shawn's advisor by his request." (Shawn survives)
    • "With no noble nor king to rule Kilfer, the kingdom became a republic leaded by a Council of Sages, which was leaded by Alba." (Shawn dies)
  • Shawn
    • "Shawn, because of his noble title, was requested to become the new king of Kilfer after Alfonso's death. He eventually accepted the request and ruled the kingdom with a great sense of justice. Of course, he would not forget what Sergio and Marta did for him, and as a result, the peace between both kingdoms was strengthened."
  • Maika
    • "After the war, Fer suggested Maika to come with him, as he owned a large library about all kinds of curses and diseases. He found one that could cure Maika's blindness and succesfully worked, making the witch recover her sight." (Fer survives)
    • "After the war, Maika disappeared stating that she needed to cure her blindness. Nothing has been known about her ever since." (Fer dies)
  • Thirteen
    • "Thirteen was given the suggestion to be part of the Royal Guard, but it declined the proposal. After that, the soul that resided the armor simply left, feeling that its mission had been accomplished."
  • Fer
    • "After the war, Fer returned to Maneskinn to continue his work as a tactician for the king's Royal Guard."

Characters Edit

Playable Edit

In order of recruitment

  • Sergio: A wandering knight for hire that becomes Marta's appointed knight and leader of the army that fights back Kilfer's invasion. Mercenary -> Hero (Automatic promotion after Act 3)
  • Marta: The princess of Condalia and second in command of the liberating army. Mage -> Condalian Princess (Automatic promotion after Act 4)
  • Jorge: Sergio's best friend and traveling partner. Becomes Sergio's squire after saving Condalia's Castle. Fighter -> Squire (Automatic promotion after Act 3)
  • Laura: One of Marta's retainers trained to be a maid. Finds everything boring. Maid
  • Ian: A Pegasus Knight and one of Marta's retainers. He's devoted to protect his master and the rest of the kingdom. Pegasus Knight -> Falcon Knight (Use Elysian Whip at Level 10 or higher)
  • Maika: A girl that lost her sight after an accident. Roams the world seeking a cure. Witch -> Vestal (Use Guiding Ring at Level 10 or higher)
  • Silvia: Leader of a group of pirates that seek revenge after their village was attacked by Kilfer. Archer -> Sniper (Use Orion's Bolt at Level 10 or higher)
  • Dani: A manakete that can hear the sword Caliburn's voice and the only one that knows its exact location. Manakete
  • Alvaro: The eccentric leader of a trio of travelers. Thief -> Rogue (Use Ocean Seal at Level 10 or higher)
  • Carlos: Alvaro's best friend and traveling partner. He usually goes "punch first, ask questions later". Berserker
  • Luisianna: A dancer that travels with Alvaro and Carlos. She often has to intervene and act as their voice of reason. Dancer
  • Fer: A tactician from Maneskinn. Very confident in his abilities. Tactician -> Grandmaster (Use Guiding Ring at Level 10 or higher)
  • Thirteen: The soul of a legendary soldier that possessed an empty armor. Bow Knight -> General (Use Knight's Crest at Level 10 or higher)
  • Alba: A talented monk that managed to escape during the coup d'etat leaded by Alfonso. She seems to have a connection with Nacht. Monk -> Bishop (Use Guiding Ring at Level 10 or higher)
  • Shawn: A nobleman from Kilfer that is one of Alfonso's best commanders, but knows the truth behind Kilfer's invasion. He always wears a black mask that covers his eyes during battle. Kilferian Lord

Other Edit

  • Alfonso: The tyrant that rules on Kilfer after taking the throne in a coup d'etat
  • Nacht: Alfonso's tactician and the mastermind behind the coup
  • (?): Queen of Taiyo. Is engaged in a war against Maneskinn
  • (?): King of Maneskinn. Is engaged in a war against Taiyo
  • Necrons: A neutral army of undead monsters that are causing chaos in both Condalia and Kilfer. Especulated to appear after the coup that resulted in the death of Kilfer's previous king