Atlas is a deity of the Sergioverse that plays a major role in Newsboy Legion.

Background Edit

Atlas was one of the later gods of the Sergioverse, being ascended time after the founding gods created the universe and the Kingdom Crystals. The founding gods, however, feared for the safety of the universe, as they discovered Atlas had the ability to manipulate the flow of time. Not only this, but Atlas had shown to be highly ambitious. Because of this, the founding gods declared Atlas to be sealed into an onyx and expelled into the human realm.

During the events of Sergio Mania, it is revealed that this onyx was found time later and placed into the Comet City Museum. However, Alfonso steals it with the idea of using it for his world domination schemes. However, Sergio managed to crack the onyx as Super Sergio. However, he was unaware that this caused Atlas to break free.

In Newsboy Legion, Atlas is awakened but his full potential is yet to come. With his powers, Alfonso manages to conquer 99% of the planet.

Abilities Edit

Atlas is able to manipulate the flow of time, sometimes freezing it around his enemy.

Personality Edit

Atlas is mostly quiet and calculating. However, deep inside, he is fueled with rage and wishes to get his revenge from the founding gods for sealing him into the onyx.

Trivia Edit

  • Atlas combines features and powers from Infinite, one of the main antagonists of Sonic Forces, and The World, Dio's Stand in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 3. Unlike The World, however, Atlas can only stop time in a limited space.